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The Mystic Number of Kether. S.P.M.

Ventriloquus: the special 'fire' of black magic, whence Obi, Obeah. He kindled Brother A garment Became powerful, grew high Middle Splendour ;

The Number of Abra-Melin Servitors of Beelzebub. 72. The Living GOD Qliphoth of Geburah Resembled ; meditated ; silent Intelligence of [Venus] Drooping, being sick Strength Heat, fury (Ch.) A bringing forth, birth, nativity A measuring, measure Solve. The Rod of Aaron

92 = 34. [Moon] GODS I. Anger, wrath ; also nose Hearer of Cries ; Angel of 6 P., and of 5 W. Night Demon of 2nd Dec. [Scorpio] Throne Here, hither

112 Vain idols ?Termination of Abr-amelim? An end, extremity Emanated from Of whirling motions Nocturnal vision Angel ruling [Cancer] It is filled Angel L.T.N. of [Cancer]

132 The accentuator

172 Apertio. Particulare

" My Lord, the faithful King" ; a name of GOD Fire A candlestick

212 Cerva Truth ; Temurah of [Mem] [Dalet] [Alef], by Aiq Bekar A live coal Day of Demon of 2nd Dec. [Leo] Angel of L.T.D. of [Pisces]

232 Affatura ollaris cum iusculo dulci Day Demon of 3rd Dec. [Cancer]

272 = 93 = 36

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