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Ace of Disks—4 of Swords: Truce
Princess of Swords—Death
3 of Disks: Works—6 of Wands: Victory
4 of Cups: Luxury—6 of Disks: Success


"The Ace of Disks pictures the entry of that type of Energy which is called Earth.

"This green is, however, not the original vegetable green of Isis, but the new green of spring following the resurrection of Osiris as Horus.

"This thesis dovetails perfectly with the new Doctrine of Tetragrammaton, where the Earthy component, Hé final, the Daughter, is set upon the Throne of the Mother, to awaken the Eld of the All-Father. The NAME itself, accordingly, is no longer a fixed symbol, emblem of extension and limit, but a continuously revolving sphere; in the words of Zoroaster, 'rebounding, whirling forth, crying aloud'.

"About this whirling Disk are its six Wings; the entire symbol is not only a glyph of Earth as understood in this New Aeon of Horus, but of the number 6, the number of the Sun. This card is thus an affirmation of the identity of Sol and Terra—and that will be the best understood by those who have punctually practised Liber Resh for the necessary number of years, preferably in such Hermitages as those of the Sahara Desert, where the Sun and the Earth can soon be instinctively recognized as living Beings, one's constant companions in a Universe of Pure Joy."


"It is the establishment of dogma, and law concerning it. It represents a refuge from mental chaos, chosen in an arbitrary manner. It argues for convention.

"Minds too indolent or too cowardly to think out their own problems hail joyfully this policy of appeasement. As always, the Four is the term; as in this case there is no true justification for repose, its disturbance by the Five holds no promise of advance; its static shams go pell-mell into the melting pot; the issue is mere mess, usually signalized by foetid stench. But it has to be done!"


"She represents to some extent the anger of the Gods, and she appears helmed, with serpent-haired Medusa for her crest. She stands in front of a barren altar as if to avenge its profanation, and she stabs downward with her sword. The heaven and the clouds, which are her home, seem angry.

"The character of the Princess is stern and revengeful. Her logic is destructive. She is firm and aggressive, with great practical wisdom and subtlety in material things. She shews great cleverness and dexterity in the management of practical affairs, especially where they are of a controversial nature. She is very adroit in the settlement of controversies.

"The explanation is that a Princess as such, being 'the throne of Spirit', may always have the option of throwing everything overboard, 'blowing everything sky high'. ...Such people are exceedingly rare; and, naturally enough, they appear often as 'Children of misfortune'. Nevertheless they have chosen aright, and in due season gain their reward."


"In alchemy, this card explains the idea of putrefaction, the technical name given by its adepts to the series of chemical changes which develops the final form of life from the original latent seed in the Orphic egg.

"The card itself represents the dance of death; the figure is a skeleton bearing a scythe, and both the skeleton and the scythe are importantly Saturnian symbols. ...Saturn represents the essential structure of existing things. He is that elemental nature of things which is not destroyed by the ordinary changes which occur in the operations of Nature. Furthermore, he is crowned with the crown of Osiris; he represents Osiris in the waters of Amennti. Yet more, he is the original secret male creative God: see Atu XV. 'Redeunt Saturnia regna.' It was only the corruption of the Tradition, the confusion with Set, and the Cult of the Dying God, misunderstood, deformed and distorted by the Black Lodge, that turned him into a senile and fiendish symbol

"In this card the symbol of the fish is paramount; the fish (Il-pesce, as they call him in Naples and many other places) and the serpent are the two principal objects of worship in cults which taught the doctrines of resurrection or re-incarnation. Thus we have Oannes and Dagon, fish gods, in western Asia; in many other parts of the world are similar cults. Even Christianity, Christ was represented as a fish. The Greek work IXThUS, 'which means fish And very aptly symbolizes Christ', as Browning reminds one, was supposed to be a notariqon, the initials of a sentence meaning 'Jesus Christ Son of God, Saviour'. Nor is it an accident that St. Peter was a fisherman. The Gospels, too, are full of miracles involving fish, and the fish is sacred to Mercury, because of its cold-bloodedness, its swiftness and its brilliance. There is moreover the sexual symbolism. This again recalls the function of Mercury as the guide of the dead, and as the continuing elastic element in nature.

"This card must then be considered as of greater importance and catholicity than would be expected from the plain Zodiacal attribution. It is even a compendium of universal energy in its most secret form."


"The influence of Binah in the sphere of Earth shows the material establishment of the idea of the Universe, the determination of its basic form...

"The card represents a pyramid viewed from above the apex. The base is formed by three wheels—Mercury, Sulphur, and Salt; Sattvas, Rajas, and Tamas in the Hindu system; Aleph, Shin, and Mem—Air, Fire, and Water—the three Mother letters of the Hebrew alphabet."


"This card represents Tiphareth of the suit of Fire. This shows Energy in completely balanced manifestation. The Five has broken up the closed forces of the Four with revolutionary ardour, but a marriage has taken place between them; and the result is the Son, and the Sun.

"There is no circle to enclose the system. It is self-supporting, like the Sun."


"Here, below the Abyss, the energy of this element, although ordered, balanced and (for the moment) stabilized, has lost the original purity of the conception.

"This tends to introduce the seeds of decay into the fruit of pleasure.

"There is a certain parallelism between this card and the Geomantic figures Via and Popuus, which are attributed to the Moon in decrease and increase respectively. The link is primarily the 'Change=Stability' equation..."


"The Number Six, Tiphareth, as before, represents the full harmonious establishment of the Energy of the Element. The Moon in Taurus rules the card; and this, while increasing the approach to perfection (for the Moon is exalted in Taurus and therefore in her highest form) marks that the condition is transient.

"This Sun is idolized as the Rose and Cross; the Rose has forty-nine petals, the interplay of the Seven with the Seven."

All card descriptions by Aleister Crowley from The Book of Thoth.

Mercyful Fate - The Beginning - 01 - Doomed By The Living Dead 5:10 12 10/14/06 5:50 AM

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Sunspots In The House Of The Late Scapegoat 2:42 Modest Mouse The Fruit That Ate Itself Alternative & Punk 92 10/13/06 10:19 AM
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