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Edge of the World

For Crazy Evil Bastards Only.

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"_The adults were at work, the old did not care, the kids themselves were all "in" the secret...It was biding time: it was poetry in a vacuum..._"
1939, 1956, 23 hours, 57 minutes, 7.5459 seconds, abnormal meditation, acanthus leaves, acción mutante, altruistic suicide, apopletic mauve, appaloosa, ardent imagination, asphodel, atavistic terror, black tulips, brain war, cadaver dogs, cagliostro, caligari gloves, carboniferous era, cefalú, charles hoy fort, clockseed, coelacanth, cold chamber, controlled ecstasy of megalomania, corridor metaphysics, cosmic jelly, curve into the darkness, dartmouth bearing corporation, deliberate resurrection, descent, disguise of slaughter, disorder, doomed pet freaks, dowager's egg, dream-meteorology, dust devil, ego-image, emperor asoka, emulsion j, ephedrine, fatal mandala, feeding endlessly the desert, foxes, free writing, future dreams, god of gravitation, god v. caesar, good for his sickness, good years, great irreversible, ground zero, hardware, hearts, herschel, human law v. divine, hydra-phänomen, hydrogenic anguishes, imipolox g, incomprehensible ascendancy, infant strangulation, intellectual tentacles, key light, kingdom-of-deathward, la forza del destino, largo cantabile e mesto, leave scars, letters of passage, loud love, lucid intervals, lullaby land, luminosity, mantic archetypes, mesopotamian bolshevik, modern analysis, monotremata, mopp's hebdomeriasis, moral condition, morbid attention, morbid charm, negative evidence, new york world's fair, news of the world, night's mad carnival, noble clouds, obelisks, one-shot amusement, oneirine theophosphate, otyiyumbu indeterminacy relation, paternal peril, pernicious anemia, personal identity, pomegrantes, positive assurances, positive dissolution, postwar polyvinyl chloride raincoat, potassium permanganate, precambrian lifeforms, pregnant looks, primal twins, pökler singularity, radiant hour, re-adjusting fatalities, reciprocal induction, region of uncertainty, reigning melancholy, retro-scientism, rites of passage, roses, rosewood crwth, rosin flux, sargasso, scorched earth policy, serial tickling, sidereal time, siege poetry, singularly placid, solenoid, sounds of unnatural timbre, speculative, spheres of influence, stately owls, strange revolution, sublime porte, subsequent sin, sulfur pools, superunknown, teeth, territorial prison, the gegenschein, the hemorrhagicalest statue, the idea of north, the rapallo treaty, the secret glory, the white darkness, the white visitation, time bombs, tranquilization, tribal suicide question, undivided time, unlimited access, unparalleled beauty, uvular plosive, velar vocalics, vertical solution, vivid yellow, voice of the moon, vorticose motion, whitsun roses